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White Furniture

Here at PineSolutions, we love all types of wood & furniture; including brilliant white furniture. Oak is great for its chunky durability. Pine is brilliant for its lightness and value. White painted furniture offers a truly fresh and cleansing feel to your living space, without having to worry about grain patterns or knots. If you prefer warmer tones, take a look at our cream & painted furniture pages.

Our buyers have sourced the finest collection of painted furniture from suppliers across the globe, ensuring we only bring you the most stylish and practical furniture solutions.

Our selection covers a breadth of styles, including Aspen which is incredibly popular due to its solid structure and timeless style. Take a look at our Tuscany range and its beautiful combination of clean white painted wood and hand waxed oak.

You may notice that all of our painted furniture ranges are made of pine frames. This is because oak has such a rich and attractive grain; it would really be a shame to cover it up. This is one of the reasons why oak comes with a higher price tag. Pine is a much more popular choice for painted furniture frames, no matter how attractive the grain may be, it will still always look great with a nice paint finish on it. Some ranges include composite wood panels to ensure a clean painted finish and eliminate the possibility of natural knots showing through the clean finish

About White Bedroom Furniture

It's so easy to create a sense of calm and tranquillity with white bedroom furniture. Clean, bright and revitalising, there's nothing quite like white bedroom furniture to make a room feel fresh, welcoming and full of positive energy. We're proud to present this collection of white bedroom furniture, all of superb quality at a very low price. When choosing white bedroom furniture, consider how you want your room to feel. For example our Madeleine range offers ornately carved finishing, ideal for shabby chic styling or an antique feel. Alternatively, our Provence range offers smooth, chunky pine, perfect if you're going for a more modern approach.