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Pine Furniture

Our Pine Furniture Ranges

English Heritage Pine
£65 - £799
Oxbury Pine
£65 - £549
Corona Mexican Pine
£75 - £149
Farmhouse Pine
£99 - £475
Aarhus Pine
£59 - £549
Cheshire Pine
£65 - £599
Kensington Pine
£125 - £449

Here at PineSolutions we love pine and we don’t mind who knows it! We’re very proud to present you with these fine collections of solid pine furniture for your home. We don’t just put any furniture on our pages, all of our collections are carefully chosen from amongst hundreds of furniture makers all over the world to ensure that we provide you with the most stylish, practical and affordable furniture on the market. Our extensive selection of pine furniture ranges from the traditional elegance of the English Heritage range to the exciting exotic looks of the rustic pine Corona furniture collection.

Pine is by far one of the most used materials when it comes to wooden furniture for your home. This is because pine has so many great qualities that make it the perfect choice for home furnishing. Typically, pine is used to convey a sense of lightness and simplicity. Being a softwood, it is light and knotty, perfect for country style furniture or rustic style furniture. Solid pine beds are a popular choice due to their light weight and light colour. Another popular decision is choose pine for smaller items in order to highlight various aspects of a room. It's so easy to transform the look and feel of your living space by introducing a solid pine sideboard, nest of tables or blanket boxes.

Pine wood will normally display broadly spaced and striated grain pattern with naturally occurring knots, which makes it great for replicating that county or farmhouse look, or for creating the rustic, or Mexican pine style.

Pine furniture is such great value that many people will purchase an item as a 'first buy' for their new home, knowing that they might want to replace it later. Others will buy a full pine range and love it for life. This is what we love about pine; it can be used in so many different ways! If you know how to take care of your pine furniture, then it can last you a lifetime. On the other hand, if you're purchasing a new bed for your children, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that when they want a different style later on, you didn't break the bank in the first place!