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Painted Furniture

Our Painted Furniture Ranges

Livingston Ivory
£89 - £249
Camden Painted
£75 - £549
Middleton Ivory
£115 - £299
Tuscany Painted
£100 - £599
Clermont Shabby Chic
£99 - £749
Constance Painted
£65 - £725
Provence White
£99 - £699
Winchester Painted
£115 - £549
Arabella Painted
£65 - £349
Corona Painted
£75 - £249
Hampstead Painted
£75 - £499
Aspen White
£99 - £749
Canterbury Cream
£65 - £1099
Houghton Painted
£65 - £1099
Gloucester Painted
£75 - £399
New England Painted
£125 - £475
Aarhus White
£175 - £175
Amberley White
£124 - £275
Stratford Painted
£75 - £549
Suffolk Painted
£100 - £499
Bergere Painted
£100 - £499

Good quality painted furniture never goes out of style, and at PineSolutions we have sourced some of the most beautifully designed and excellently made painted furniture available for you to choose from in shades from brilliant white to antique cream. Painted furniture can bring a fresh new look to your home and the painted furniture we have on offer includes classic and contemporary designs for your bedroom, kitchen and dining room. You can have a traditional look with the Provence range, go for country style with the Canterbury or Arabella ranges or go modern with the contemporary Hampshire Ivory range.

Cream Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture comes in many different varieties and colours but if you’re looking for a warm, clean and sophisticated look, cream bedroom furniture is an absolute must-have. Cream bedroom furniture is so diverse; you can use it to create so many looks. If you’re looking for something modern and practical, our Camden range has great examples of contemporary cream bedroom furniture. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit more classic and rustic, our highly popular Arabella range brings the best of Scandinavian pine into your home. One of the greatest charms of cream bedroom furniture is the sense of warmth it can create in a room without having to add any dark tones. Cream is a bright tone and so it still reflects a lot of light, but unlike white painted furniture, cream furniture has a mellow tone that is perfectly suited for relaxing areas of the home such as the bedroom. Explore all the ranges below to see first had the appeals of cream bedroom furniture.