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Office Furniture

An office doesn’t have to be all neon lights and plastic chairs. In fact, we strongly believe that an office can be quite the opposite! It’s so easy to create a sense of peaceful warmth and comfort in your home office with any of our solid wood office furniture items. The essential centrepiece of any office is the computer desk. When choosing your dream desk, consider whether you’d prefer the solid sophistication of oak furniture or the rustic charm of pine furniture. When considering space, you might want to look at an expertly crafted solid wood filing cabinet - endlessly more appealing than their plastic or metal substitutes!

Consider the mood that your furniture will bring to your office. White painted furniture can be uplifting and vibrant, natural pine will give your room a traditional or rustic appeal. For unrivalled elegance, consider the simplicity of lacquered oak desk. Another essential factor when choosing your dream desk is space. Whether we offer a wide range of single pedestal desks with storage space on just one side, but for the ultimate storage solution, we recommend one of our double pedestal desks. Match this to one of our solid pine or solid oak filing cabinets, and you’ve created the ultimate office safe-haven.