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Oak Furniture

Our Oak Furniture Ranges

Dalton Oak
£99 - £699
Salisbury Petite Oak
£99 - £449
Georgian Oak
£75 - £699
Calais Oiled Oak
£75 - £199
Salisbury Oak
£65 - £849
Rustic Oak
£60 - £699
Odin Oak
£149 - £499
Light Oak
£50 - £699
Carlisle Oak
£749 - £749
Vancouver Oak
£75 - £1249
Brittany Limewash Oak
£125 - £949
Edinburgh Oak
£299 - £399
Cotswold Kitchen
£599 - £1499
Rivermead Oak
£75 - £549
Reclaimed Oak
£199 - £475
Blakeney Oak
£75 - £399
Stag Oak
£399 - £399
Epworth Oak
£299 - £299
Quercus Oak
£125 - £649
Middleton Natural
£125 - £249
Constance Oak
£50 - £449
Grove Oak
£99 - £649
Henderson Oak
£20 - £50

If you're looking where to start then take a look at our best selling oak ranges: Contemporary Oak and Reclaimed Oak.

Oak is one of the most popular materials for wooden furniture, and it's not hard to see why. Typically used for finer and more elegant furnishings, solid oak furniture conveys a sense of high quality and durability. Solid oak dining tables are a popular choice due to the innate strength of the timbers used. Similarly, solid oak wardrobes are a popular choice due to the durability and sturdiness that an oak piece can provide. Oak furniture is unique in that it can lend itself to so many different styles. Contemporary oak furniture is highly popular, as is reclaimed oak furniture, or reclaimed-style furniture. For oak sideboards the Rivermead oak range offers exceptional value and is 100% solid wood with no veneers of MDF.

Stylistically, oak differentiates from pine in many ways. Oak is incredibly dense in comparison to pine and has a heavy and open grain offering a natural and highly attractive look, especially when treated with a good quality lacquer. The majority of oak we offer here is known as Red Oak, which means we source it from North America, or sometimes Europe. For more info on we have a page on our blog for Hardwood Furniture which might prove to be of interest

The real appeal of oak furniture is that it can suit any room and it’s truly built to last. Oak takes a long time to grow, which is why it’s naturally very strong and long lasting. That strength and longevity is something that’s very important to us. If you choose one of these solid oak ranges, you can comfortably know that it was built with you in mind to be a long lasting and much loved piece of furniture in your home.