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Leather Chair and Leather dining chair Information

If you fancy a change from dining tables with matching chairs, why not take a look at our range of leather chairs and leather dining chairs. Our chairs are stylish and contemporary and add sophistication to any home. There’s a lot to know when it comes to buying leather, so take a look at our guide for more information.

What is leather?

Real leather is a natural product. It breathes, is warm and durable and has individual characteristics which make each hide unique. Primarily made from cattlehide, it will always bear the marks of its natural origin and these features can show as scratches, growth marks, areas of differing fibre density and hair pore structure. It is commonly used in covering furniture, especially leather chairs and leather dining chairs.

The process typically begins with preparation, tanning and crusting. Tanning is most significant part of the process and is where the hide is made into a stable material. After tanning, the material can then be dyed and finished, the different ways of doing this has different benefits. The performance differs dramatically between each type and not all are suitable as covering for leather chairs and leather dining chairs.  

Types of leather used for furniture, leather chairs and leather dining chairs:

Aniline is the most natural looking with the unique surface characteristics of the animal hide remaining visible. It is coloured only with dye and not with any surface coating of polymer, making it prone to stains and damage over time, which means it would have to be treated regularly.  

Semi-aniline is more durable than aniline while still retaining a natural appearance. A light surface coating gives increased durability and can help protect it from damage, while maintaining a soft finish. The coating also contains a light pigment to ensure a more consistent colour.

Pigmented is the most durable and most used for furniture upholstery. The durability is provided by a fine polymer surface coating which contains pigments. The surface coating allows greater resistance to scuffing or fading.

Finished split – the lower or middle section of a hide with a polymer coating applied and embossed to mimic a grain.

Antique grain(two-tone or rub-off) is where a special surface has been applied to mimic the unique ‘worn’ appearance of more traditional leathers. This is achieved by a contrasting top coat which is applied unevenly, or partially rubbed off, to reveal a paler colour beneath. This type will age more over time, and is often used in classic Chesterfield sofas.

Pull-up (also known as waxy or oily pull-up) has a natural worn look, which will lighten in colour when stretched. It will age and appear more lived-in with use, however can be difficult to clean.

Nubuck is a natural looking aniline dyed material where the grain surface has been very lightly abraded to create a soft velvety finish or nap. The nap is very fine due to the tight fibres in the grain layers of the hide. In some cases the grain pattern is still visible. There is no protective coating and can easily soil. It is most appropriate for occasional use and not often used for leather chairs or leather dining chairs.

Suede is made using middle or lower section of the hide and is abraded to give a distinctive fibrous nap. Suede is softer than standard “full grains” and is not often used for leather furniture or leather chairs.

Bi-cast (Bycast) is made from the finely ground cut-offs left over from the tanning process. The pieces are then bound together under pressure using glue and finally coated with a polyurethane layer. Although not from hide, bi-cast leather has distinct advantages. Its high shine finish is easy to clean, can be very robust and is more uniform in appearance. This type is used in our range of leather chairs and leather dining chairs.

Looking after your leather furniture and leather chairs

Light staining or spills on leather chairs and leather dining chairs as a general rule, can be treated with a mild soapy damp cloth. More serious stains can be treated with a lightly formulated cleaner and ink stains removed with a dedicated ink remover.

Leather is incredibly supple and leather chairs can dry out in centrally heated properties. This drying out often affects the flexibility, resilience and luster and it is advised that you condition your leather chairs and leather dining chairs regularly.

We have a fantastic range of affordable leather chairs and leather dining chairs available on our website. Solidly constructed, our leather chairs are well made and built to last. We also have a wide range of dining furniture, including tables, sideboard and display cabinets. Our furniture ranges cover all styles and tastes from the modern and contemporary to more classic designs, so we are certain to have something to suit your home. We also deliver direct to your door, making it all the easier for you.