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TV Stands Buying Guide

TV Stands Buying Guide

TV Stands and Cabinets

With home entertainment systems growing larger and larger, it is essential to have a spacious TV stand or cabinet to hold, not only your TV, but your DVD player, digital TV box, DVDs, HI-FI and CDs. Make sure your TV stand or cabinet does your room justice by following our handy TV stands and Cabinets buying guide.

How to Buy

Firstly measure your TV so you can find the right TV stand or cabinet for it to fit on. Our TV stands and cabinets vary in size so you are sure to find the right fit for you. Remember to take into account the depth of your television; older televisions will be significantly deeper than new flat screen types and may not fit on all of our TV stands and cabinets. Below is a guide to how far you should sit away from your TV screen depending on the size of the screen:

  • 25-27 in TV Screen Sit 2.4m away
  • 32in TV Screen Sit 3m
  • 36-49in TV Screen 3.3m
  • 50in TV Screen 3.6m


Our TV stands and cabinets come in a multitude of shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Firstly measure the space you want to put your TV stand or cabinet in and then find the piece which fits the area. We have corner TV stands and cabinets which are ideal if you are placing your TV if you are short on space.

Our TV stands and cabinets are available with a variety of different storage; from cupboards to open shelves and drawers. Many of our TV stands and cabinets come with storage for CDs and DVDs but we also offer various CD and DVD storage units, including the spacious Brooklyn Oak Combination Chest.


We stock pine, oak and painted TV stands and cabinets so you are sure to find something to suit your home. We an extensive collection from our rustic, world inspired styles from our Corona range to the sleek, modern designs in our Contemporary Oak collection.


Our TV stands and cabinets are delivered either fully assembled or flat packed. Our flat pack items are cheaper to deliver and can be easily moved into any room of your home. Assembling flat pack furniture doesn't have to be a nightmare; here is our helpful flat pack assembly guide:

  1. Lay a blanket or a sheet on the floor to avoid damage to the surface of the furniture
  2. Read the instructions through once and make sure you have everything you need to hand.
  3. Lay out each piece of the furniture onto the sheet/blanket
  4. Lay out your tools
  5. Get to Work!

If you would rather not assemble the furniture yourself, we recommend Flat Pack Amigos who have furniture assemblers nationwide.