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Coffee Tables Buying Guide

Coffee Tables Buying Guide

A Brief History

The style of coffee table we now know is derived from two designs. In Britain during the Victorian era tables were designed to sit against low backed sofas, as a place to set down a cup or book. The evolution towards a low and long style design is most probably derived from the tables used in tea gardens by either the Japanese or Ottoman Empire - world styles that were both in vogue towards the end of the 1800's.

Positioning and Size

Coffee tables are most often positioned in the centre of a living room, parallel to a sofa. However, they're perfectly suitable for use in hallways and other rooms as a low level display or storage table. If you are purchasing a coffee table for use in a living room it's first important to determine the appropriate size. Look at the table dimensions and see how they fill the room - you ideally want a decent space all around the table so that it doesn't appear bulky and ungainly. While the gap between the sofas or armchairs should be just within arms reach for when you want your mug, magazine or television remote!

Additional Features

There are a number of coffee tables that offer a additional storage capacity. The most common is a lower shelf that is fitted between the legs and roughly measures the same space as the top. This area is often ideal if you are a looking to keep your coffee table mostly clear, but still wish to keep certain items to hand. Other coffee tables contain inbuilt drawers just below the table surface. This tends to be a perfect size for those small odds and ends that tend to clutter your living space. Finally we offer coffee tables with a large amount of storage for the most demanding homes! There is the six drawer coffee table where the entire space between the legs is filled with drawers. And there is the Segusino Sliding Top Coffee Table whereby the top lifts open for a large internal storage space.


There are a multitude of styles available for coffee tables - ranging from classical to contemporary. First ensure that your new purchase does not clash with your existing furnishings. Some are designed to appear more suited to a traditional style homes or to match a particular period of style. While there are also more modern pieces that tend to be constructed with simple and clean lines. The pine furniture will give your room a lighter feel, while the oak is rich and warm, great for older styles, while there is also painted furniture for a more unusual touch. All items are given a finish that will ensure the natural wood or sleek paint will remain untarnished and fully emerge. So whatever you taste, there is sure to be a coffee table that will complete your living room.