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CD / DVD Storage Buying Guide

CD / DVD Storage Buying Guide

A Brief History

For a long while there have been storage units specifically built for particular items. Bookcases are the most obvious and oldest version of this and of course vinyl records have been held in specially constructed units. With the advent of the CD format and DVD's in more recent years, units have been built to specially hold them and so are a common addition to many homes.

How to Buy

First count out the number of CD's or DVD's you wish your new storage item to hold. This may seem like a tedious process but is absolutely vital. Storage units come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so work out where you want it to stand, and what style is best suited to your space. Measure out the dimensions of the area you're planning to fill and check below for the design options available.

Where to Use

The most obvious place to store CD's and DVD's are in your living room, but are perfect for using in study's dining rooms and kitchens - anywhere you play music or films and need your collections handy. Of course these units can be used to store all manner of your possessions - anything that will fit in the space provided, although many units have slots specially designed to hold individual CD's. It is worth considering the placement of your unit in your room. Try to keep the unit away from heaters and radiators that could do damage to both the unit's wood, and your music and film collections. Also avoid placing it in constant direct sunlight that over time will fade the natural tone of the wood.


There are two main varieties of CD/DVD storage unit that offer different solutions. The tall thin CD units fit snugly in corners and take up little room, as the contents are stacked upwards. The other prominent style is a chest or multi-drawer. These are more reminiscent of typical storage units, with their pull out drawers and squat, wide design - and so are a more substantial addition to your room, but offer more space and a variety of storage solutions.


We offer an array of storage options in differing styles. Ensure that any new purchase will work in harmony with your existing furniture and that the wood used is suitable. For example oak wood creates a rich and warm feel, while using paint is bright and unique. All items are given a finish that ensure a durability and lets the style emerge to its full potential. Whatever your taste there is certain to be a CD/DVD unit to suit.