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Bookcases Buying Guide

Bookcase Buying Guide

A Brief History

Until the arrival of the printing press most of the country didn't have the means to buy their own literature - instead members of the church and the wealthy kept handwritten manuscripts in single containers or in cupboards. However, once texts became cheaper and literacy grew to a larger scale, so the bookcase became a necessary feature of every home. With the mass printing press, so books changed and the title was noted along the spine and the bookcase was designed so that books could be stacked side by side with the spines facing outwards - allowing for easier selection. In recent times the bookcase's usage has gone beyond its name, storing all manner of items. But whatever they're used for, the bookcase is still an integral feature part of every home.

Where to add a Bookcase?

Bookcases don't just have to be for studies or book stuffed living rooms. They can be used in a multitude of ways and therefore make a practical addition to almost any room. Adept at storing dvd's, cd's, magazines and letters they're perfect for clearing away clutter, but without that typical issue of losing that important document in some over stuffed drawer! They also give you the opportunity to display things such as photographs, plants and family ornaments - anything you would like on show to brighten up the room.

Choosing the Right Bookcase

Bookcases come in a variety of sizes and styles, so be sure to pick the right one. Firstly it's important to work out what exactly you want it to hold. Collate all the possessions you intend to store in your new bookcase - often there's a lot more than you first thought! You can then get an idea of how exactly how big or small it needs to be. Also make sure that the shelves will fit these particular items For example: if you have some tall hard backed books then ensure that the shelves are high enough to fit them comfortably - some bookcases do have the option of adjustable shelves so you can find your own perfect heights. Finally measure out the area you want your bookcase to go. Once you have the exact space requirements you can decide whether your bookcase needs to be wide and deep or tall and thin. Whatever you need there'll almost certainly be bookcase to suit you.

Style and Wood Type

We offer a variety of different style bookcases in pine and oak, as well as painted options. First make sure that whatever wood and style you like doesn't clash with any existing furniture and decor - bookcases will take up a large portion of your room, so you don't want it to look out of place. If you're putting a new room together that includes a bookcase, it's worth thinking about what wood you prefer. Pine would give your room a light and clean feel, while oak is rich, deep and warm. This decision is certainly a matter of personal taste, but a bookcase will make a practical and stylish addition no matter what style.