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Living Room Furniture Buying Guide

Living Room Furniture Buying Guide

Living Room Buying Guide

Living rooms are arguably the most used room in a house. Whether it's reading, socialising, watching TV or eating dinner, the living room is the hub of activity in a home. Since a variety of activities can take place in a living room, you need furniture which to suit every occasion and give enough storage for all your DVDs, board games, treasured collection, or anything else you need to hand to enjoy your living room area.

What Furniture is found in a Living Room

Any furniture can be used in a living room, but most commonly found are sofas, chairs, bookcases, sideboards, occasional tables, a TV stand and coffee tables. Mirrors are often used throughout the home and are perfect for making a small living room feel larger.

How to Choose furniture for your Living Room

Firstly think about what you want to use your living room for; different uses will require different planning. If you are using your living room for watching TV you will need a TV stand or cabinet, not only for your TV but will also need to store your DVD player and cable or digital box.

If you want to make your living room a TV free zone, consider a bookcase and a nest of tables which will compactly store away and provide a variety of surfaces, whether it is for a cup of tea or somewhere to write letters.

Coffee tables are also a useful addition to any living room and we have a variety of sizes from small tables with shelves to large coffee tables with hidden storage.

Planning your Living Room

The best way to plan your living room is to draw a scale plan so you can work out the placing of each piece of furniture. Remember to take into consideration the space you need to move around the furniture and open cupboards and drawers.

For a TV think about the distance your TV stand or cabinet needs to be placed away from the seating. For a 25-27in screen you should place the TV stand 2.4m away from the seating. For a 32in screen it should be 3m away and for over 36in your TV stand should be at least 3m away from your seating area.


Whatever furniture you need for your living room we have styles which are perfect for your home. From rustic, Mexican pine TV stands to sleek and contemporary bookcases, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Think carefully about how your new furniture will fit into your existing décor and pick pieces which will either match or compliment your existing items. At Pinesolutions we have pine, oak and painted living room furniture available so you can choose from the warm, tones of oak or the crisp and refreshing colour of painted furniture to create the perfect living room for you.