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Computer Desks Buying Guide

Computer Desks Buying Guide

A Brief History

Evolving from the traditional desk, used in offices and studies for working in long hand or on a typewriter, the computer desk was custom made to accommodate the additional features of a desktop computer. Retaining certain key elements, such as the work surface and storage drawers, it has also developed very specific features, such as a space for the PC unit, a pull out shelf for a keyboard and a lower shelf that is ideal for holding printers, scanners or external hard drives. This was all designed to ensure the utmost comfort while working, due to the increased injuries sustained when working long hours at computers.

Sizing and Positioning

It's worth considering what size desk your require, as you may need extra work space or may simply require a pedestal for a screen. Computer desks can range up to about a width of 166cm, so measure out the area you wish to fill before purchasing. Obviously check that power sockets are close by and that you leave enough room behind the desk to cater for all the various wires that link and power your computer and its accessories. Also try and keep the desk away from heaters and direct sunlight - this will help keep your desk remain durable, while also reducing the possibility of your computer overheating, as can often be the case.


We offer a varied selection of computer desks that will suit any requirements. For example, if you're stuck for space then check out the corner style, which will fit snugly into most rooms leaving you with more wall space. There are also shorter desks with single pedestals for a slimmer appearance. While for maximum storage space there are double pedestal units with sets of drawers either side of the desk. Finally, you can turn any room in your home into a temporary office and then back again, with the hidden workstation - a unit that closes to hide away your day's work and return your home to a comfortable place to relax.


If your new computer desk is going in your home, either in a study or reception room then it's important to get a style you love. First of all ensure that any new purchase won't clash with your existing decor, but will still be a great new addition. There is varied choice of wood available that offers contrasting and unique looks. Pine is light and fresh, oak has a deep and warm feel and if you're looking for a particularly unique look then a painted finish is ideal.