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Wine Racks Buying Guide

Wine Racks Buying Guide

A Brief History

The earliest wine was made in Georgia and Iran, as early as 6000bc. Archaeological evidence – resin found in clay cups – suggests the first wine to be produced in Europe was in Greece about 1,500 years later. Bottled wine was introduced in the 1600s in Europe, and wax or oil soaked wooden plugs were used as stoppers. With bottles came the first wine racks, and wine cellars also became popular in the homes of the upper classes. In the Middle Ages, wine was a common drink among all social classes in Southern Europe. However, in the north, were there were fewer or no vines, wine, often imported, was the preserve of the upper classes. Nowadays, wine is well-liked all over the world.

Where is a Wine Rack Used?

A wine rack is usually found in the kitchen, but some people keep a rack in their dining room – or in their wine cellar, if they’re lucky enough to have one!

Functions of a Wine Rack

As the name suggests, a wine rack is used to store bottles of wine. Some of PineSolutions’ wine racks have extra features, such as drawers and cupboards, which can be used for storage. Most can be used as small tables too.


Most of our wine racks have space on top to display items such as ornaments or photographs.


A wine rack is the most efficient way to store bottles of wine, especially if you like to keep a lot of bottles in your home. Some of PineSolutions’ wine racks also have drawers or cupboards, which can be used for extra storage in the kitchen or dining room, for items such as cutlery and utensils.

Accent Piece

Having some bottles of wine on display in a well-crafted wine rack adds a touch of class to your kitchen or dining room.

Features of a Wine Rack

Our wine racks can store anything from 15 to 32 bottles. Some just function as a wine rack, while others have drawers and cupboards for extra storage too. Most of our wine racks can act as small tables as well, which you can use for display.

Choosing a Wine Rack

There are three things you should consider when buying your new wine rack:
1. Where do you want your wine rack to go? You’ll want to make sure it fits in with the current style and wood colour in your chosen room.
2. How many bottles of wine do you want it to hold? We have wine racks that can store anything from 15 to 32 bottles.
3. Do you want to store other things apart from wine in your wine rack? We have racks with drawers and cupboards attached too.

How to look after a Wine Rack

To keep your wine rack looking its best, clean and protect it with good quality beeswax. You should also keep your wine rack away from strong sunlight and take care not to place it in front of, or next to, a radiator. The heat might cause it to shrink, loosening joints and veneers.