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Dressers Buying Guide

Dressers Buying Guide


The Dresser has its origins in the 18th Century Wales when it first began appearing in the homes of the gentry as a place to display prized tableware. However, into the 19th Century the Dresser because a feature of less well-off and rural homes. Welsh Dressers are a classic staple piece for any home since it uniquely combines the visual element of a display cabinet with the practicality of a sideboard.

Function of a Dresser

Dressers can be used for storing tableware, crockery, cutlery and napkins and are typically found in the kitchen or dining room. However, their combination of display shelves and cupboard storage means they are also ideal for a living room and for displaying anything from cookbooks to antique vases.

Types of Dressers

Welsh Dressers typically have cupboard storage on the bottom and shelves or cabinets on the top half to displaying items. Our collection of Dressers include simple pine units with a single cupboard and open shelves as well as large units with cupboard and drawer combinations with glass cabinets on top.

Choosing a Dresser

There are several things you should consider before buying a Dresser for your home:

  • Placement: Firstly consider where you would like your Dresser to go. Use it in your kitchen for cookbooks and plates, or in your dining room for cutlery and table mats. Alternatively your Dresser can be placed in any room of your home for an extensive amount of storage and display space.
  • Size: Make sure you measure the space you have available for height, width and depth to ensure the Dresser will fit. Take into consideration whether you will be able to move around it easily and be especially careful to measure height to ensure there is enough space for the unit.
  • Type: Consider what you are going to use your Dresser for. Some of our Dressers have small drawers which are ideal for cutlery or napkins, whereas others have large cupboard space which are great for storing all your bits and pieces.
  • Style: Make sure your new Dresser will coordinate with the existing furniture in your home. We have a wide variety of styles for you to choose from including traditional units in rustic oak, world inspired dressers, contemporary pieces and painted farmhouse dressers which will add warmth and character to any room.