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Dining Table Buying Guide

Dining Table Buying Guide

Table Buying Guide

The family dining table is the one piece that may last you a lifetime and be part of various houses and different decorating schemes. The advice is to buy a table that you love and of the best quality your budget can afford.
Before you sit down to view the dining tables in our range it is useful to know the answers to the following:

Budget – how much do you want to spend?
Family – how many people should it seat?
Space – how big is your dining room? Each edge should have 48 inches between the table and the wall for ease of use.
Lifestyle – do you want an informal or formal look? Grand dinner parties or cosy suppers?
Usage – will you use the table for other activities? Study, arts and crafts, this may affect the colour and finish of the table you choose.
Special Features – do you have a dual purpose? A small table for your family that has extra leaves for extending when you have dinner parties?


Your table should be scaled appropriately for your room, allow space for seating and circulation around the table.
The general rule is to leave 48 inches between the edge of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture, you could leave as little as 24 inches if there is no need to pass behind the table.


Know how many people your table will cater for. Few people spread out on a large table can lack atmosphere. If you entertain frequently, think about a rectangular table that can seat many as well as considering tables with extra leaves for those special occasions. Each person requires 24 inches width to be sat comfortably.


Different shapes have their own advantages and one shape may be more suited to your needs:
Rectangular: this shape emphasises a room’s length and seats more people, a large rectangular table would be the main feature of the room and extra chairs can be stored elsewhere for larger parties.
Circular: great for conversation, as every person can see each other and is conducive to a warm atmosphere. Be aware that circular tables are not the most space efficient.
Square:excellent for intimacy and very good for small spaces as they can be tucked away when not needed.


Choose a wood that is echoed in furniture used elsewhere to co-ordinate and balance the room.
Different woods have different feels and grains. Oak and ash feel more formal and as a slow grown wood they have variations in grain and colour that give each piece unique characteristics. These slow grown woods are particularly durable even in contact with moisture.
Pine and other quick grown woods have a more informal feel which can add light and a modern edge to a room. Especially useful in smaller places that would benefit from a simpler, lighter look.

Extending Tables

Extra leaves that are elegantly disguised beneath the table can then be used to extend the length of the table when necessary. The quality is uncompromised, the extra leaves are made to the same standards.
Extending tables are useful for hosting dinner parties, as they can be returned to their smaller size for everyday use, giving you more room when you need it.
To maintain the colour quality of extending tables, it is suggested especially with darker woods, to ensure the table is kept out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, to ensure an even colour across the fully extended table.