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Dining Chairs Buying Guide

Dining Chairs Buying Guide

The Importance of choosing the correct chair

Buying the chairs that were made to match the table appears to be a thing of the past. It seems the modern consumer sees the chairs as an opportunity to show some individuality and flair. There is much more choice available today and many chairs that will match your table on the Pine Solutions website. Of course, you are free to purchase matching chairs if you wish, it’s all about choice. The chairs on the website are mostly sold in pairs.

Variety in Dining Chairs

Wooden - oak, acacia, fruitwoods, pine and redwood
Leather dining chairs

Of course there has to be some continuity of colour or design in the chairs that you choose. We suggest:
Matching the wood of the table to the wood of the chairs
Find a common design element, if the table legs are tapered, follow suit with the chairs.
If the table is square, continue that design feature with square shaped seats. The same for rectangular and circular tables. This helps narrow down your choices and be more certain of your final decision which is especially difficult when internet shopping.


The dimensions of the chairs are very important you have to consider the size of your guests and their comfort when it comes to choosing.
The recommended dimensions for a chair are no narrower than 17 inches wide and for maximum comfort choose a chair between 20 and 24 inches wide.
Obviously you have to ensure that your chairs fit around your table comfortably, see the section on dining tables for details of how much space each guest will need and calculate accordingly.

Seat Height

The height of your chairs can add a dramatic effect to your room if they are tall backed, or create a more relaxed, informal atmosphere if they are low backed chairs.
18 or 19 inches is a traditional height for a dining chair

Allow 12 inches between the seat of the chair and the top of the table.
Know the height of your table and check against the dimensions of the chairs you choose.


Think about who will be using the chairs, slatted back chairs are easy to grip and manoeuvre and suitable for children or those with mobility difficulties. Chairs with covered backs are less easy to grip.


Choose chairs that you can afford to maintain. Leather chairs are easy to wipe clean as are wooden chairs and woven seats and may be more suitable for those with children than a seat that is covered in fabric.
Fabric upholstery is luxurious and it may be worth investing in a stain guard for the inevitable spillages that occur.

Leather Chairs

They are very robust and with passage of time, develop a finished look
Leather dining chairs are remarkably durable and surprisingly affordable
These chairs are not so bulky which makes them a handy set of furniture to move around and clean
Leather dining chairs are sturdy, yet extremely comfortable and relaxing with padded and upholstered seats
The attractive designs and shades of leather dining chairs make them beautify every type of dining room
Leather dining chairs are hardwearing and resistant to different types of stains plus food and drink spills

Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are sturdy pieces of furniture that should last generations if looked after.
They have great portability and can be used throughout the home for a number of uses.
The seat of wooden chairs is shaped in such a way that they are extremely comfortable.
The designs of the chairs we sell, vary from contemporary to intricate back designs that can add real character and feature to a room.