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Dressing Tables Buying Guide

Dressing Tables Buying Guide

A Brief History

Dressing tables first came about in France during the eighteenth century. They were used by women to store cosmetic items, which they would wrap in linen before putting them away.

Where is a Dressing Table Used?

Dressing tables are traditionally used in the bedroom or in a special dressing area where women can privately do their hair and make up.

Functions of a Dressing Table

A dressing table can be used as a particular area for cosmetic application. They can be simple with a few small drawers or more elaborate with large mirrors and a variety of storage. They can also add character to a room. 


Dressing tables can be used to display perfume bottles, make up sets and jewellery boxes. Many people also exhibit combs and hand mirrors on top.


With lots of drawers dressing tables are great for storing little bottles and make up items.

Accent Piece

They also add great character to a room especially if the piece had intricate engravings.

Features of a Dressing Table

Many dressing tables include a mirror, which is either attached to the top or is separate. We have dressing tables, which have between three and eight drawers. Dressing tables also need to have a small chair or stool to sit on.

Choosing a Dressing Table

Firstly when looking for a dressing table it is key to decide how much storage space you want and whether you would like an attached mirror.It is also important to make sure that it matches the other features in your bedroom. Choosing a dressing table, which has a neutral colour or wood, is vital so that it does not look out of place if you change your décor.

How to look after a Dressing Table

To look after your dressing table it is best to keep it clean and polish the wood with beeswax to keep it in top condition. The table should also be kept out of direct sunlight so the wood does not discolour. To clean the mirror use newspaper or paper towels and window cleaner or vinegar to make your mirror shiny without smudges.

Dressing Table Assembly Guide

If your dressing table is flat packed then firstly it is necessary to check that all parts are included. It is good to lay a blanket down when assembling to make sure that the table does not get damaged.