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Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

Chest of Drawers Buying Guide


Chests of Drawers have long been a stable feature in a bedroom and the first incarnation of a chest of drawers was in the late Medieval Europe, where they used ‘coffers’ to store clothes. Coffers were boxes with a hinged lid but later came to include a drawer underneath and were the beginnings of the classic chest of drawer design. Now, chests of drawers are commonly recognised as a stack of drawers in a large unit and are used to store clothes which do not need to be hung in a wardrobe.

Types of Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers come in all shapes and sizes from small two drawer units to units with an unlimited number of drawers. Chests of Drawers are most often wider than they are tall in their design, however, tall boys and Wellingtons are tall thin chests which are ideal if you are short on floor space and are looking to store small items.

Choosing a Chest of Drawers

First of all make a list of everything you need to store away in your new chest. Doing this will give you a better idea of what size chest you need and whether you need large, deep drawers for storing jumpers, or just small drawers for storing accessories. Remember to measure the space twice and check what size chest of drawers will fit, leaving enough room for you to fully open every drawer.


It is important to consider what style your chest of drawers should be in order to match the existing decor of any room it is put in. Pine Chests of Drawers will add warm rustic charm to a room, whereas our collection of solid oak chests can have a more contemporary look. Painted chests of drawers are a bright and refreshing addition to any home. Our collection of chests of drawers includes rustic, country styles to contemporary minimalist designs.

It is also important to consider how the chests of drawers will suit your existing furniture. We have wood samples available in many ranges so you can try and match the colour. Alternatively you can contrast different types of wood or finishes for a more unique look. For all of our ranges, we have matching bedroom furniture available so you can find co-ordinating pieces for your bedroom.


Our chest of drawers are delivered fully assembled, part assembled or flatpacked. For more details, please refer to the more information for each product. Flatpacked items are cheap and easy to deliver and we have five top tips on how to make assembly smooth and easy:

1) Read through the instructions once to check you understand how to do everything and make sure you have everything you need before you begin

2) Clear a large area of floor space to work from

3) Lay out an old sheet or towel on the floor to protect furniture from damage

4) Lay out all the pieces of furniture on the floor and all your tools

5) Get to Work!