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Blanket Boxes Buying Guide

Blanket Boxes Buying Guide

A Brief History

Blanket boxes have been used for hundreds of years to store bedding and other items. In the past, there would often only be a few pieces of furniture in lower class households, and a blanket box was usually one of them; it was considered essential for storage.

Where is a Blanket Box used?

Blanket boxes are normally placed at the foot of the bed, or elsewhere in the bedroom. They can, however, be used in other rooms as storage or as tables.

Functions of a Blanket Box

The traditional function of a blanket box is, as its name suggests, to store blankets and other bedding. However, blanket boxes can be used to store all sorts of other things too, including clothes, shoes, books and DVDs.


If you’re going to be taking things in and out of your blanket box all the time, you probably won’t want to display anything on top of it. However, some people choose to leave the box empty, place it at the bottom of the bed, and use it as a table for a TV.


A blanket box is an extremely useful, adaptable and stylish form of storage. It can be used in any room in the home to store almost anything.

Accent Piece

Having a blanket box at the foot of your bed gives the whole room a homely, traditional touch.

Features of a Blanket Box

Blanket boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. PineSolutions has smaller boxes, like this one from the range, and larger ones, such as this one from the Camden range. Most blanket boxes are rectangular in shape, but we also have a few square ones, including this one from our Segusino Mexican collection.

Choosing a Blanket Box

Here’s what you should bear in mind when choosing a blanket box for your home:

  • What size of blanket box will fit best in your room? You don’t want it to look bulky.
  • What do you want to store in your blanket box? Make sure it’s big enough for your items.
  • Take care to check the blanket box you choose fits in with the colour of wood and with the style you already have in the room.
  • Do you want to or are you able to assemble the box yourself? Some of our blanket boxes come as flat packs, like this one from the collection, and some come fully assembled, like this one from the Dakota collection.
  • How to look after a Blanket Box

    To keep your blanket box looking its best, clean and protect it with good quality beeswax. You should also keep your blanket box away from strong sunlight and take care not to place it in front of, or next to, a radiator. The heat might cause it to shrink and loosen joints and veneers.

    Blanket Box Assembley Guide

    If you choose a flat pack blanket box, here are our top tips for assembling it yourself:

  • Lay a blanket down on the surface you’re going to use to assemble your blanket box to prevent scratching and damage to both the surface and the box. You can put the blanket in the box when you’ve finished!
  • Take all the pieces out of the packaging carefully and lay them out. Make sure you have everything you need before you start.
  • Lay out your tools – hammer, screwdriver, etc.
  • Lay out the various panels and identify each panel with a post it note, indicating left/right/top/bottom.
  • Get to work!If you don’t want to, or are unable to, assemble your flat pack furniture yourself, we recommend Flat Pack Amigos (www.flatpackamigos.com), who have furniture assemblers nationwide.