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Bed Frames Buying Guide

Bed Frames Buying Guide

Importance of choosing a bed frame

Choosing the correct bed frame is often overlooked but the quality of design can add a dimension to your bedroom and complete the style you have decided on. The wrong frame can detract from the overall effect of the room. A quality bed frame will provide a basis for a good mattress and give you a better quality of sleep as well as correct posture. The bed frames we stock come in varying styles, functions and colours as well as sizes and finishes.

Types of Bed

We stock King Size beds, Double beds, Single, Twin and Bunk beds which are available in the following finishes:

Oak Beds
Painted Beds
Pine Beds
World Beds

The Twin beds have a pull out frame that lies beneath a single bed creating another single bed. Bunk beds, which are all tested to British Standards, are single beds that can be arranged on top of one another, great for smaller spaces and children who share a room as it provides privacy for each child. All the bunk beds can be dismantled into two single beds if needed making the purchase economic if intended for long term use as the children grow older.


The size of the beds vary as follows:

Single Bed:3 feet in width
Double Bed:4 foot 6 inches in width
King Size Bed:5 feet in width

The height of the bed you buy is an important consideration, ensure that when you add the mattress the bed is comfortable for you to get in and out of easily. Low bed frames are easier for those with mobility difficulties. The beds we stock all vary in height, consider the following: Mobility: getting in and out easily Children: do you have small children who climb into the bed? A very high bed can be hazardous. Style: Consider the effect of high and low beds on the overall style of the room.

Access Points

You must also consider being able to manoeuvre the bed via the access points into the room. Most of the beds we sell come part assembled, dimensions are given on the website of bed frames, but please call if you are in any doubt.


Many of the beds can be bought with a discounted mattress if purchased together. We have suggested a variety of mattresses that are suitable for the frame with varying levels of support.

Style and Shape

When choosing a style of bedframe, it is worth considering a high or low foot end depending on the following: Low foot end beds are most suitable for: Smaller bedrooms; the low foot end will not clutter the room and will give easier manoeuvrability around the room, with a lighter more open effect. Contemporary styles; modern furniture tends to be less detailed and to achieve the effect of modernity simple lines and angles will be more effective. High foot end beds are most suitable for: Larger bedrooms; the status of the bed is increased as it becomes a main feature of the room, framed by the head and foot end. It can complete a bedroom suite and add continuity to the design of your room, as well as a hint of luxury. More traditional or romantic styled rooms.

Double or King Size

The only thing to consider is budget and space, if you have the available space, a king size bed provides that extra bit of room that adds to the comfort of a good nights sleep. The difference in cost is very small in both the bedframe and mattress throughout the ranges we stock.


Pine Solutions offers bed frames made in various materials, details of individual pieces can be accessed by clicking on the picture. The bed frames are either made of oak, pine, ash and hardwood from various parts of Europe, the America’s and Russia.