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Flat Pack Furniture

Flat pack furniture is excellent quality and value, and easier than you might think to put together, so why not give it a go? We promise you'll be pleasantly surprised. Take a look in the following categories to discover great flatpack furniture.

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Pine and Oak Flat Pack Furniture

If it wasn't for the bright idea of a Swedish furniture company employee, the PineSolutions delivery team would have to wrestle with many more bulkier packages every day.


In 1956, Gillis Lundgren needed to put a table in his car, but it wouldn't fit. So he decided to break the table's legs off to get it in, and put it back together when he got home. It worked well. So well in fact, that Lundgren suggested that, to make delivery easier, the furniture company he worked for could sell furniture in parts, leaving the assembly to the buyer. With that, flat pack furniture was born. Over the past 50 years, its popularity has soared, both in Sweden and the rest of the world. Today, flatpack furniture is a £24 billion-a-year industry in the UK alone.


Despite its big share of the furniture market, when people think about flat pack, what often comes to mind is wobbly wardrobes that take a day to build and a week to collapse. But those days of poor quality are most definitely over. PineSolutions' flat pack furniture is sturdy and hard-wearing, with no difference in quality to furniture that comes fully assembled. For proof of quality, look no further than our Cameo king-size bed, the Natura Pine Triple Wardrobe and Silkeborg Desk. You could furnish your entire bedroom with PineSolutions flat pack and no-one would ever guess the pieces hadn't been put together by a carpenter.

Cost Effectiveness

A good proportion of PineSolutions furniture is flat packed. It tends to be less expensive for our customers as it's cheaper to transport, and we don't have to pay anyone to assemble it at the production stage. Important in these credit crunch times, we think you'll agree. The Corona range is particularly good value, including the coffee table and the TV cabinet which are great for your living room.


However, if you really don't want to assemble the furniture yourself, it would be easy to find a flat pack furniture assembler in your local yellow pages. We recommend Flat Pack Amigos (www.flatpackamigos.co.uk), who have assemblers nationwide.